Leave Skyforge alone!

"A waste of time", "Hopeless storyline", "Irrational system", "Nothing new", "Repetitiveness", "A meaningless universe". This is the first time I prepared for so long to write a review, because I wanted at all costs to find and point out all the bad things I heard about this game. and nothing I found. Moreover, I am ashamed to admit that Skyforge literally knocked me off my nóg in the most positive sense of the phrase.

A pinch of delight

Skyforge is a newly released free-to-play MMORPG, in whichóThe Ascension atlas, which is a tree of our hero's skills, is deceptively similar to the one in the game. We come to this by helping the inhabitants of the planet Aelion, zarówno this mortal as well as immortal. The result of these actions is a growing "faith" In our hero, która makes it more powerful. Depending on the type of task we get. I guess I can translate it into sparks of destruction, creation, balance and so on, each type of which is responsible for different attributes in our development tree.


Pardon my audacity, but I must say that this is quite an intriguing solution, especially when compared to the typical approach of earning experience points by completing tasks and killing monsters in most games. Allods Team deserves praise for their unique features such as Aelinet, where players can log in as their divine alter-egos, a training room to choose their preferred character, and a giant globe with requests for help that appear and disappear in real-time, instead of the typical NPCs with exclamation points.

But let's take a step back and examine the game from a broader perspective. While the quest system is interesting, it ultimately boils down to the same thing – following a predetermined path, defeating bosses, and returning to the command center to take on a similar mission. Even the number, type, and setting of the mobs are identical. Additionally, the Ascension Atlas skill tree resembles that of "Path of Exile," and it takes a considerable effort to play as your favorite class. While these similarities may be off-putting, they are not necessarily flaws in the game. Many MMORPGs feature raids and similar character development systems. In fact, the game's inability to select a particular class at the start adds to its diversity and gives players an additional goal to achieve.

In summary, Skyforge offers a unique approach to experience earning, but its quest system may feel repetitive. Nonetheless, the game's creative features and character development system are assets worth exploring.


The only thing that bugs me

Out of all the criticisms leveled against Skyforge, there is only one that I can honestly agree with – its limits. The game employs a system where a set amount of resources, including currency and sparks, can be acquired in a given week. Once the limit is reached, any further acquisitions are replaced by less common resources. This solution is odd and could lead to frustration for those who have more free time to dedicate to their hero's development but are blocked from doing so due to the limit. Although the limits can be increased for a fee, this will also accelerate the exhaustion of common resources, prolonging the wait for further progress in the game. Despite playing Skyforge for at least two hours a day, I have yet to be affected by this problem, so it doesn't bother me much.

Which hurts no one

Skyforge game

Let's put aside the controversial aspects of Skyforge and focus on the indisputable strengths of the game. The graphics are simply breathtaking and I have never seen such a beautiful MMORPG before. As someone who dabbles in 3D modeling, I appreciate the level of detail in the environment and the ability to stop and admire it. The immersive atmosphere is further enhanced by the excellent music.

In terms of gameplay, the combat system is a standout feature. Skyforge rewards players for not just developing and equipping their characters, but also for their own skill and tactics. Each class has its own set of skills, which can be combined for a variety of strategic options during battle. Additionally, the classes interact with each other in different ways, encouraging players to try out different playstyles. The ability to freely switch between classes during gameplay is the icing on the cake, allowing players to adapt to the situation at hand.

Overall, Skyforge is a game that deserves attention. While it may not be revolutionary, it effectively utilizes existing MMORPG conventions in a unique and interesting way. In my opinion, the developers have succeeded in creating an enjoyable and engaging game that will continue to thrive alongside other MMORPGs.