BiteFight: a dark game via www

The theme of the battle between werewolves and vampires is more or less familiar to us from novels „Twilight”, here will be a little more brutal. You will have the opportunity to create your monster and hunt with it, not only against the opposing race or other monsters, but also against the internet! The creature will not only have to be pampered with new armaments, you will also have to send him to work, e.g. …on the cemetery.

Become a cemetery gardener

Whether you become a bloodthirsty vampire or a brutal werewolf, this decision is made at the very beginning of the game. We develop our creature by hunting the opposite race, demons or humans. Whether you win against your opponents is often (unfortunately) random, nevertheless, it's fairly satisfying to clear the diverse locations with monsters. Of course, the develop has the effect of raising the level of character and attribute (strength, defense, charisma). Based on the aforementioned we will learn new talents and climb the ranks. We also have in served a mode of association – clan and their separate ranking. Operation of the hero himself, the last major element of the game are the opportunities in the city. The city itself from options does not crack, obvious merchant (we buy obvious armaments), graveyard work, healer and principal, no revolutionary possibilities we have. In 2006, these solutions could attract crowds, now 90% are fanatics.

Masochism of players knows no bounds

"Bitefight" is an MMO game using simple solutions, which only on the short term are satisfying. Now, despite the fact that there is a demand for games that are simple and do not require too much thinking, in "Bitefight" one senses regression more than progression. It is obvious that this type of game must have an annoying micro payment system, in the form of additional currency of hells tones. Unfortunately, the game does not offer unique solutions, even the plot idea is cliched and repeatedly used. On the course of the battle itself, we do not have any influence and do not make any decisions during the battle – „interesting” option. I will mention graphics only at this point, because the authors of the production, this one seems to have gone down the drain too. Game forge most likely forgot that sometimes graphic updates are needed. On the one hand, we have players whose love this game, in fact, it is not clear for what reason, because there are better browser games of this type. The other side are those like this game, or they gave up by not registering, one and all failed to bite into it. I recommend the game to those whose like the odd „oldschool” and simple gameplay.