After eight years since its release, and with no recent additions to the Bat-wardrobe, Batman: Arkham Knight has received an update featuring a fresh set of attire for the Caped Crusader as he takes down criminals in Gotham City. Specifically, a new Pattsuit. According to GeekVibesNation (verified by us), owners of the Epic Games Store version of Arkham Knight can now dress up as Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Dark Knight, as seen in the 2022 film, The Batman.

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This is not a mod that has been added to the game, but an official optional costume that players can now wear while battling the Arkham Knight. Rocksteady, the game’s developer, has not made any announcements about this costume on its social media channels, and there were no indications of its inclusion in the game, making it a complete surprise. One theory is that it may be connected to the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch, which was originally scheduled for October 26 but has been delayed to December 1.

It is possible that the costume was intended to be available in all versions of Arkham Knight, and the updated game client accidentally went live on the Epic Games Store on the original release date of Arkham Trilogy. If that is the case, it is a fortunate coincidence for Batman fans on that platform, as they can now explore Gotham City in the stylish attire of the Pattman.

The video game version of the costume closely resembles its film counterpart, with meticulous attention to detail. From the Fidlock buckles on the bicep armor to the battle scars on the cowl, every aspect has been faithfully recreated in the digital version. However, it does look slightly out of place on Arkham Batman’s muscular physique compared to Pattinson’s more realistic build. The suit even features a Kevlar texture, Austrian military boots covered by spats, and chest armor with a Batarang embedded in it.

Batman: Arkham Knight offers a considerable selection of alternate costumes based on live-action batsuits, including Michael Keaton’s Batman ’89 costume, the segmented armor worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight, and Ben Affleck’s outfit from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.