CroNix fight for survival

A post-apocalyptic world engulfed by an energy war, those who survived were forced to fight for power. Warriors blinded by greed will use terrible weapons and extraordinary powers to win. The strongest survive, will you be one of them?

Explosive mix


IDC/GAMES decided to combine the characteristics of RPGs and MOBAs, creating a post-apocalyptic world in which which we have to fight for survival. CroNix is a free-to-play production, offering us PvP-style gameplay. Interestingly, expand the plot, on based on the game, on several stories are designed to draw us into this futuristic world.

Take on the role of a hero

Upon launching the game, we are greeted with a rather lackluster and rudimentary interface that can make navigating the game's features a bit difficult. Although the game offers the option to play in Polish, some of the descriptions had to be translated using a browser translator, which can be hard on the eyes. Thankfully, the tutorial is detailed enough to quickly help players acclimate to the game's mechanics. With thirteen different characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, combat style, and role on the battlefield, players can take on various roles, from a mighty warrior wielding an axe to a supportive teammate who can detect invisible enemies. Each character has their own set of statistics that determine their strength, attack speed, defense, and difficulty level, which can help new players choose their first hero. The game also allows players to modify their hero, influencing the development of their castle, skills, and statistics to better adapt to their play style.

Fight for survival


Regrettably, there are only three gameplay modes available in CroNix, where players can indulge in a killing spree, play classic "capture the point", or submit to five fast-paced and intense rounds dominated by a more experienced team. Players must demonstrate quick reflexes and knowledge of their hero's skills during the dynamic and action-packed rounds. Fortunately, players have the ability to change their hero during gameplay, allowing them to adjust their role and skills to align with their team or better counter the enemy.

Despite the limited number of gameplay modes, CroNix offers several interesting locations that greatly enhance the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Daily tasks are available to diversify the entertainment, and with the experience gained and the "seeds of disaster" acting as one of the currencies, players can increase their pool of available heroes, purchase items or strengthening potions that can save their lives. Notably, there are no microtransactions to be found in the store, a very nice gesture by IDC/GAMES.

The great future

CroNix is an interesting title offering decent graphics. The game tempts with dynamic gameplay, but does not spoil with updates, and there are many things require improvements. Production is sure to bring together more and more fans thanks to an interesting post-apocalyptic style, based on an interesting storyline, and well-presented locations. CroNix has great potential, but it can get boring quickly, which resulted in the fact that on my hard drive it did not play for a long time.