Fyrakk bestows upon adventurers a collection of intriguing weapons that we showcase in our most recent news article.

[PH] Fyrakk Cantrip 1H Axe STR [PH] Fyrakk Cantrip 1H Axe STR – As the temporary name suggests, this is a One-Handed Axe with Strength as its primary attribute. 

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It comes with the subsequent effect that is shared among all weapons dropped by the boss:

Hungering Shadowflame Hungering Shadowflame – Your abilities have a possibility to tap into the corruption within, inflicting an additional 19,466 Shadowflame damage to both you and your target. Damage amplified by 400% against targets above 90% health.

[PH] Fyrakk Cantrip 2H Staff AGI [PH] Fyrakk Cantrip 2H Staff AGI – This particular weapon is an Agility Staff, primarily designed for Druids and Hunters. It possesses the same Hungering Shadowflame effect.

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Lastly, we have an Intellect mace for spellcasters [PH] Fyrakk Cantrip 1H Mace INT [PH] Fyrakk Cantrip 1H Mace INT.

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Fyrakk also bestows upon adventurers a Legendary Two-Handed Axe that currently exists as a placeholder item (<Placeholder> Fyrakk Axe - Shadowflame <Placeholder> Fyrakk Axe – Shadowflame) without any statistics.