The second official Horizon board game, titled Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion, will showcase a fresh, canonical narrative leading up to the occurrences of the video game.

The initial board game, simply named Horizon Zero Dawn, lacked a storytelling aspect and was partially cooperative. Seeds of Rebellion, on the other hand, is entirely cooperative and narrates the events that transpired in the eponymous Forbidden West prior to Aloy’s arrival in the video game. The game revolves around the marshals of the Tenakth tribe, who are tasked with investigating a brewing rebellion within their own ranks. You and a maximum of 3 other players will delve into the rebellion, explore the game world, undertake quests, acquire equipment, and confront the colossal machines that are emblematic of the franchise.

Steamforged Games collaborated with the narrative team at Guerrilla to shape the story elements of the board game. Seeds of Rebellion builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, allowing you to even utilize the miniatures from the previous game in Seeds of Rebellion. The game introduces a novel stealth system, new sets of abilities that the marshals can utilize, and, of course, new machines to combat. Alongside these features, new miniatures have been introduced, although only the tremortusk has been revealed thus far.

This is merely one of the various cross-media components of Horizon. A Horizon TV series was announced in 2022. Comics have been regularly released since 2020. Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion will launch on Kickstarter on November 21, 2023.