We’re getting our first look at the next major content patch for Dragonflight, as 10.2 has been revealed! Let’s take a look at the patch features and everything new that’s coming with it.

Blizzard Logo10.2 (Source)

When Guardians of the Dream arrives, champions will be tasked to protect a new zone—The Emerald Dream, engage in new Public Events—Superbloom and Emerald Bounty, build Renown with the Dream Wardens for unique rewards, and save the new World Tree from the Fyrakk’s forces in a new Raid—Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

Join us as we chat about the next Dragonflight content update, Guardians of the Dream, as Assistant Lead Encounter Designer Taylor Sanders and Senior Narrative Designer Anne Stickney, along with our host, Community Manager Bethany Stout, take us on a journey through the new zone—The Emerald Dream zone, the next Raid—Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, new Public Events, Dragonriding updates, and more.

New Outdoor Zone: The Emerald Dream

A special seed, planted by Tyrande, has grown into a new World Tree and is on the verge of crossing over into Azeroth. Fyrakk and his forces, including his new allies—the Druids of the Flame, move among the roots of the World Tree, inflaming the Dream denizens as they attempt to tear into the Emerald Dream to infuse the heart of the World Tree with fire and use it as a conduit to spread eternal flames throughout Azeroth.

There is plenty of Renown to be earned with a new faction—The Dream Wardens. Help denizens of the Dream comprised of Keepers, dryads, druids, green dragonflight, and runebears to earn Renown and rewards.

New Raid: Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope

Fyrakk has arrived in The Emerald Dream, intent on exacting his evil plans with the help of the Zaqali Djaradin and the resurgent Druids of the Flame. If he claims the World Tree, Amirdrassil, it will deliver a time of fire and chaos to Azeroth.

Within the Emerald Dream and near the growing World Tree of Amirdrassil lies an ancient temple built by the Green Dragonflight. Here, the energy of the Emerald Dream is a potent and abundant resource.
Fyrakk blazes through the Emerald Dream, intent on gaining its power